Did Lee Priest Take Steroids Or Natural?

Lee Priest, Mr. Olympia is the NABBA professional athlete and Australian IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Lee is one of the famous bodybuilder around the world and famous for their achievements.

Lee Priest Mr Olympia

Lee got his Pro Card at age of 20 years:

He won the first competition at 13 years of age and got an IFBB Pro card at the age of 20.

Bodybuilding is not to spend the few hours in the gym, It’s about lifestyle.

Lee grew up in the bodybuilding environment as his mother was also a bodybuilding competitor in the weightlifting.

Lee won the IFBB Mr. Australia and lift the heavy weight.

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In the year 2006, he won the Iron Pro and in the year 2013, he was awarded to NABBA Mr. Universe contest after taking the break of seven years.

Legend man rocks with a 285lbs weight, sometimes 300lbs in the off-season.

Lee Priest lost and gain the 90-100lbs weight in the 16 years of the IFBB.

 Lee Priest body tattoosAthlete Statistics Of Lee Priest:

  • Weight of the body: 225-235Ibs (102-106.6 kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’4’’ (162.5cm)
  • Date of birth: July 6, 1972

Did Lee Priest Natural In His 19 Years Age?

Lee won the Mr. Olympia when he was 19 years and claimed as natural.

But we are wondering to see his pictures at a very young age.

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The pictures are extremely Photoshop and muscular, it makes too hard for us to accept the maximum development of muscle at any age.

Symptoms of steroid: (Positive)

Lee Priest pictures show the increased vascularity and also gynecomastia.

Vascularity is increased by the thinning of the skin and reduce collagen production.

Steroids affect the body in a different way in which one increased vascularity.

Steroid also cause the gynecomastia in which the excessive growth of male breast

Lee Priest V/S Aesthetic Bodybuilders:

Lee Priest is always pumping the muscle thus it indicates the natural?

Lee Priest Body

While lee already accepted the steroid use in a minimal amount.

Arnold, a small guy with a lot of muscle and super ripped had accepted steroid in 1970’s when steroids considered as legal in the US.

However, Coleman 8x Mr. Olympia, described as big and admitted to the steroids in the year 2011 for further added the muscle.

Dorian Yates transformed from skinny to massive through the different bodybuilding techniques and followed the steroid cycle.

Lee Priest Steroids Cycle:

Whenever there is a talk of top bodybuilders so Lee also includes in the list.

Lee Priest amazing size and less body fat show he probably used the steroids.

It seems like Lee had used the steroids for bulking and cutting as well.

Lee Priest bulking and cutting steroidsLee Priest Bulking Steroid:

Bulking steroids include in the Sustanon, Anadrol, Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol, Arimidex and N2Guard.

These above steroids are responsible for the variety of functions such as boost up the testosterone production, strengthen and bigger the muscle, inhibits the estrogen production, increase endurance and minimize the effects of steroids on the liver and kidney.

Lee Priest Cutting Steroid:

Cutting steroids usually include Primobolan, Cardarine, Aromasin, S-4, N2Guard and testosterone Propionate.

These steroids perform the function of cutting while retaining the quality of muscle mass and kick the strength level to maximum.

Hardworking And Training:

Hard working and training can give the maximum result, but they don’t have an ability to exceed the muscle amount from the normal range.

The hard training can play a role to maximize the range in fewer Lbs, but the steroids are best for exceeding the limit.

Here you can see Phentermine best alternative phenq diet pills reviews and results.

Lee Priest can naturally gain the 128Ibs, but he is 113Ibs bigger than a normal range, How is it possible?

Lee’s Nutrition:

When the time is come for bulking the 75 or 100 pounds so he is always ready and done through the combination of diet and steroid as well.

Lee Priest workout training

He is too strict in eating cheat meals, but Lee also said that the cheating meals are a favorite part of his diet, but when I was on the cutting phase so I never allowed myself for unhealthy.

Lee Pries diet incorporated six meals per day with a gap of every 2 or 3 hours.

The daily diet is composed of protein source for e.g. Tuna, chicken breasts, eggs, whey protein and lean steak.

Carbohydrates source, include rice, oatmeal, and Pasta.

He ate the bananas, oranges, and apples in the fruits whereas cheese, milk, almonds and Flax oil in the fats.

Salads, Asparagus, green beans and Broccoli in the vegetables.

Workout Training:

Lee Priest natty or notLee focused to build up the huge arms in overall training.

When Lee Priest was asked to his favorite exercise so he replied “All of them”

Lee focused the legs on day 1, back and forearms on day 2, shoulders on day 4, and arm on the fifth day.

He trained the Calves and abdominals every day.


There are many bodybuilders who claimed as natty in the bodybuilding, but actually they are fake natural.

Lee Priest did not speak lies when he is on the sensitive topics.

You should see this real benefits for men before you try it.

Lee was always true to his character and never thinks people’s thoughts.

Lee Priest inspires the others by staying true in the decisions.

Like other aesthetic bodybuilders such as the Ronnie, Arnold and Rich, Lee also talks steroids use in front of all.

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